Shaun.edward king

This me Shaun Edward and i am the next lebron James

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    hi my name is shaun edward i doing IT and i like playing basketball and i like listen to music and playing 8 ball

    my name is shaun edward i like making webiste page on note pad i like playing basketball and fixing computer and listing to music I have an IT lecturer name chris mc`gee he help us about using operation systems and hardware ... ==
  2. my favourit sport is basketball my favourite player is lebron james my best friend is darren gall i like listening to music and I like watching movies and i like fixing computers
shaun edward website

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Participate Effectively in OHS Communication and Consultative Processes (3WHS)

Assignment and Assessment Tasks








Assessor Feedback

Assessment Item Competency Achieved/Comments Worksheet 1 - IT and OHSW Equipment

Quiz 1: Workplace Safety Laws, Policies and Procedures

Quiz 2: Contributing to Workplace Safety

Assignment - Workplace Safety Processes (Case Study)


Grade If competency has not been demonstrated students need to resubmit their answers. A resubmission is required, by the date below, for the following questions:


Due Date for Resubmission

Other Instructions

Question Details of Resubmission Required Worksheet 1 - IT and OHSW Equipment (Same as for 2WHS and 2WIT)

Quiz 1: Workplace Safety Laws, Policies and Procedures

Quiz 2: Contributing to Workplace Safety

Assignment - Workplace Safety Processes (Case Study)


• Enter your name and details of your class on top of the front page • To be assessed as competent you must correctly complete all four (4) assessment tasks • You may consult class notes and the internet in order to locate the information you require to complete the tasks • Proof read your work before submitting to ensure your answers are complete • You must sign the following statement to confirm that the work submitted demonstrates your personal knowledge and skills

Policies for students studying Certificate III in Information Technology Policy on Assessment and Deadlines 1.​For units with deadlines: a)​Two attempts are permitted for all assessments. Failure to submit work before the assessment deadline is counted as a second attempt. b)​Work submitted as a second attempt must be received by the resubmission deadline. c)​The lecturer or coordinator will set a second attempt deadline (speak to the lecturer or coordinator about this if necessary) and work not submitted by the deadline will be given a Fail (F) grade. 2.​Supervised assessments must be undertaken at the times and places organised by the coordinator or at a time previously agreed to by the student and coordinator. Not attending a supervised assessment may result in that assessment attempt being failed, subject to the Policy on Extensions below. Policy on Extensions 1.​Students must apply for an extension as soon as possible, before the due date of the assessment, even if an extension is ultimately not required. 2.​Students may apply for an extension on: a)​medical grounds: for any medical condition diagnosed by a GP that would affect the student's academic performance, b)​compassionate grounds: for personal reasons that are beyond the student's control that would affect the student's academic performance, or c)​work related grounds: for changes in work conditions that were not known at the time the student commenced the unit. 3.​An approved extension request form must be attached to any late assignment submissions. Policy on Plagiarism 1. Students who submit work where the learning outcomes to be assessed are not the student's own work are guilty of plagiarism. 2.​The student will be counselled regarding the consequences of plagiarism, and a statement, signed by the student, will be forwarded to the Information Technology Educational Manager. 3.​The students involved will receive a Fail (F) grade in the unit. (This is an unacceptable practice and students should also make every effort to ensure that their work is not copied and used by other students.) I have read and agree to the policies stated above:

Student Signature: _________________________________ Date: ​ � Performance Criteria for this Assessment (Including underpinning knowledge)

BSBOHS302B​ Participate effectively in OHS communication and consultative processes (STATECODE) ELEMENT PERFORMANCE CRITERIA 1. Contribute to establishing consultative processes within the workplace 1.1​Apply knowledge of relevant OHS laws, policies and procedures to contribute to the development of consultative and participative OHS arrangements in the workplace 1.2​Identify, record and address barriers to the successful functioning of OHS consultative processes 1.3​Contribute recommendations for those involved in OHS 1.4​Identify and record responsibilities of relevant personnel in the consultation process

2. Contribute to obtaining and providing information about OHS issues 2.1​Contribute to establishing a systematic approach to managing OHS by using systems and procedures to gather information on OHS issues 2.2​Utilise tools and techniques to source information from others about OHS issues and hazards 2.3​Identify and access sources of OHS information and data 2.4​Communicate relevant issues to others using appropriate communication methods

Raise OHS issues with others 3.1​Raise relevant OHS issues in meetings and record relevant aspects of discussion in accordance with workplace procedures 3.2​Follow-up outstanding issues from meetings in a timely manner 3.3​Communicate outcomes to others

� Assessment Tasks: This document outlines the questions you need to answer to complete the WHS unit of study. Work through the course materials located on the 3WHS Moodle site and complete these tasks:

Item 1: Worksheet - WHS Equipment & Infrastructure This can be found on Moodle under Session 1

Item 2: Quiz 1 - Workplace Safety Laws, Policies and Procedures This can be found on Moodle under Session 3

Item 3: Quiz 2 - Contributing to Workplace Safety This can be found on Moodle under Session 4

Item 4: Assignment - Workplace Safety Processes (Case Study)

Read the Case Study below and answer the questions that follow. Your answers (in your own words) to the case study should be submitted to your lecturer in a Word document.

Life is a Game

Certificate III WHS Case Study

You and a partner have seen the need for a service to give advice to on-line and off-line computer gamers. In order to do this you have already established a small computer gaming telephone help desk facility called Life is a Game. Business has been growing and you are now involved in moving to bigger premises. A block of shops including a former Internet Café have been purchased and you have closed them for a month in order to re-open the complex as the new help desk contact centre. Because you and your partner will not be able to be on-site all the time you have appointed several staff to provide support to the twenty five Help Desk Operators. The business will be dealing with large numbers of clients so a Database Administrator has been appointed to look after a system to store and retrieve of all the required records. You also have two ICT technicians to upgrade and repair any computer and telephone equipment, an Office Manager, a Receptionist, a Finance/HR Manager, a Training Officer and Cleaner. While your partner is looking after the equipment, software and hiring new call centre staff, you are responsible for marketing the new facility, which includes sending updated information for the company web site to Keith, the existing company Web Designer. Your other task is to attend to the health and safety aspects of the business. The centre already has suitable access, toilet and food preparation facilities which have been approved by the local health authorities. You have a good Health and Safety Officer in Ken, to take care of checking safety equipment, practices and dealing with any hazards and accidents. Now that the number of staff in your workplace has increased you feel it is time to form a Workplace Committee to discuss with Ken any health and safety requirements or possible dangers in the workplace.

Consider the workplace above and answer the questions on the next page.

3WHS Health and Safety assignment questions:

1. How would you go about appointing Representatives to sit on the Health and Safety Committee?

2. List five duties for which this committee would be responsible.

3. List three projects that you would like to see the committee initiate regarding Health and Safety issues and education in the workplace.

4. What sort of Health and Safety information covering what topics would you like the committee to distribute or make available to the staff?

5. List three places (at least one should not be internet based) where you could obtain this kind of information, so you can distribute it to the staff.

6. Suggest two ways that could be established so staff could input information, concerns, and ideas to the workplace Health and Safety Committee.

The answer to these questions can be in essay or bullet point form. 3WHS_Assignment_120928.docx​5 of 5​Ver 1.0

Hi this me and my career Lucas e play UFC we watch it I doing UFC training with him he a great guy and my brother jake he joins as well same times but I love playing basketball it my number one I would love to play in the nba that would be great playing against the top nba players in the world